Here are some ideas that are floating around in my head, but of which I'm quite certain I will never have the resources or time to actually build them. Nevertheless I really want to see these ideas come to live, because they are either very useful or very cool.

Please steal my ideas

12/11/2012 - 01:00
Painting of a man getting robbed.
This man doesn't want to get robbed but please go ahead and steal my ideas.

Instapaper for webvideo

Instapaper is a service with which you can save articles (or any text) on the web. Instapaper will make it easier to read and cuts out all the unnecessary stuff.  It also enables you to send these cleaned up articles to any device, such as your mobile phone or Kindle. My idea is to take this concept to webvideos.

Currently there are billions of amazing videos on the web. But there are also hundreds of different providers (using their own video players)  and watching webvideos on a mobile device with a 3G connection isn't a great experience. What if there was a service where you could enter the URL for the webvideo and this service downloads this video to the device of your choosing. Now you can watch these videos with just one video player making the experience more universal and you don't have to be online to watch them!

Spotify for TV Shows

This certainly isn't a unique idea and I'm still amazed this isn't around. Spotify has revolutionized the way we consume music. Instead of buying CD's or MP3's, you pay a monthly fee and have online access to (almost) all the music in the world. What if the same model was used for TV Shows. For a monthly fee you will be able to watch any TV show of your choosing; Watching new shows as soon as they are broadcast-ed or catching up by watching earlier seasons. I do understand there are many different parties involved making these TV shows but the music industry can do this so why can't the TV networks do the same? TV Networks: Get your shit together. Do this! Take my money!

The coolest game ever

I have this idea for a game. It's a combination between Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto. Imagine if there was a whole digital city being generated when you start a server (just as in Minecraft). And you and your friends can drive around in cars, blow shit up and undertake missions. The twist is that everything you do in this digital city will be saved on a server. So you don't have to be together in the game. You can do things (such as trashing his or her car) while your friend is away. Every action has consequences for the way your friend plays the game, and the same goes for all his or her actions. Making it possible to create total chaos or work together and build something. So Rockstar if you are reading this, please steal my idea.

Do you have an idea you want to become reality? Share them in the comments!