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Say you want to create a listing with nodes where the publishing date is not older than two months. How do you go about this? In this example I will use the Article content type which comes with Drupal after a fresh install. For this tutorial you will need to have installed and activated the Date module.
You've made a nice block. But it still comes popping up even though it doesn't return any results! Luckily it is just a matter of settings. Here i'll show you how.
When testing different user roles you usually want to create multiple user account each with a specific user role. The problem is that Drupal doesn't allow multiple users with the same email address. This can be a real hassle if you want to test more than 3 user roles. You can switch the role of the same user every time you're testing. Or you can use multiple email addresses. Impossible if you want to test 5+ user roles, because who in their right mind has more than 5 email addresses.